ADO Den Haag is a public limited company (nv). Only the directors are authorised to represent nv ADO Den Haag and make decisions on the company. Moreover, for certain decisions, such as investments exceeding a specific amount, the extension of the number of FTEs, the budget etc., the statues state that the directors must first seek approval from the supervisory board. The Management Board consists of General Director ad interim Edwin Reijntjes.

The supervisory board is made up of five members, who each have one vote. Decisions of the supervisory board are taken by majority, and preferably unanimously. Therefore, a member of the supervisory board cannot independently take any decisions on behalf of nv ADO Den Haag. The chairman (Frans van Steenis) acts as the spokesperson for the entire supervisory board.

Affiliated companies

If the directors decide to do business with a company a member of the supervisory board has a stake in or is involved with at managerial level, the market conditions must always be respected and the supervisory board must be informed. The account must also be informed.

ADO Den Haag strives for transparency and tries to avoid any conflicts of interest in its decision-making, in compliance with the corporate governance practices agreed upon. The directors and members of the supervisory board serve only one interest, namely that of nv ADO Den Haag.


ADO Den Haag is a football club that uses football and its associated core values - drive, passion and ‘Haagse Bluf’ (The Hague Bluff) - to attract people and bring them together. The stadium serves as a meeting point for all fans in the Haaglanden region.


In the years ahead, ADO Den Haag aims to continue growing steadily among the top teams in the Eredivisie. We stand for great football in a stadium that acts as a key meeting spot for our many target groups in the region. The club enjoys a healthy financial situation. ADO Den Haag is truly a meeting point for everyone, regardless of age and origin. The club also focuses strongly on its youth academy and social projects like ‘De Held’, which is aimed at school children. All of this brings a sense of pride, as well as a social and societal contribution to the region, indirectly also promoting the integration of both locals and immigrants. Nevertheless, the core activity at ADO Den Haag is winning matches and providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

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