THE HAGUE - As of 1 July 2022, Hommerson Casino is attached to ADO Den Haag as its main partner. The company from the Hague will return to the official game shirts for the coming season of 2022/2023. Both parties have agreed to a partnership for at least three seasons.

Way back
The connection between ADO Den Haag and Hommerson dates back many years. When ADO Den Haag still played its matches at the Zuiderpark, Hommerson was already attached to the club as its main partner. Throughout three seasons (2002/2003, 2003/2004, and 2004/2005), the Hommerson Casino brand was visible on both the away and home shirts. Many supporters have fond memories of the 2002-2003 shirts in particular, since ADO Den Haag was crowned champion of the First Division during that season.

Expansion of our collaboration
By agreeing to this partnership, a long-standing collaboration will be expanded. In 2020, both parties already started a unique collaboration in which the casino chain introduced a playing area to the stadium. In June 2021, the grand opening of the brand new Hommerson playing area in the Cars Jeans Stadium took place, and since then the branch has been visited frequently.

Hommerson’s director Remco van den Berg: “This is something that we have looked forward to for a long time. Although the collaboration between both parties was never terminated, the main partnership is noteworthy. We are proud to return to the game shirts of ADO Den Haag, with our brand name, as a company with roots in the Hague. We believe in the growth potential and ambition of ADO Den Haag, and we look forward to contributing substantially to that over the next three seasons.


Realisation of commercial growth
Hommerson Casino will remain attached to ADO Den Haag as its main partner until at least the summer of 2025. The ambition of ADO Den Haag is evident in the contribution of the sponsor, which not only evolves in comparison to previous seasons, but also considers the ambition of a (quick) return to the Eredivisie.

Commercial manager Jesper van den Bosch: “With an annual growth component, agreements concerning the Eredivisie, and a performance bonus, we may speak of a substantially better deal for ADO Den Haag. This is a fantastic day for our club. We are very pleased with the confidence that Hommerson has placed in our collaboration. Following a tumultuous season, we would like our club to undergo a positive development. The fact that we have been able to sign this agreement demonstrates that people believe in what we are setting out to achieve.”


Stadium name
At the moment, our main partner is Cars Jeans, which is also the name of the stadium. This will change at the start of the new season; ADO Den Haag will soon announce which sponsor, following Kyocera and Cars Jeans, will appear on the roof of the stadium for the coming season.