Last Sunday, the ADO Den Haag - Excelsior match ended in mayhem. What should have been the culmination of the season turned into a twofold disappointment, not only on the field but particularly off the field. Supporters of ADO Den Haag confronted the supporters of the opposing team in the stadium, as well as the police and the Mobile Unit outside the stadium. On behalf of ADO Den Haag, we are deeply ashamed of the events that took place yesterday.

In a stadium full of great atmosphere, the afternoon started on a positive note. A sold-out, yellow-green Cars Jeans Stadium was in the mood for a true football celebration. Unfortunately, the mood completely changed and resulted in mayhem. The club has been discredited (once again) by a large group of hooligans who are unable to behave themselves. Supporters stormed the field and threw fireworks and other objects towards the supporters of the opposing team until the Mobile Unit intervened. The situation escalated further outside the stadium. Rioters surrounded the stadium and confronted the Mobile Unit.

On behalf of ADO Den Haag, we offer our sincere apologies to all of the supporters who did not feel safe in and around the stadium, particularly the supporters, players and staff of Excelsior. It is too embarrassing to put into words. The Cars Jeans Stadium should be an open and accessible place for everyone, where every visitor should feel safe. In addition to the financial damages and potential fines, the damage to the club’s image is severe. These kinds of incidents harm the club’s reputation.

In collaboration with all parties involved, ADO Den Haag will do everything possible to hold these hooligans accountable for the damages, and severely punish them for their misconduct. All camera footage inside and outside the stadium will be analysed. We have to proceed with caution regarding disciplinary measures, but lengthy stadium bans will be imposed.